Friday, October 9, 2015

Has been hacked?

Oh. My. Gosh! Will the persecution never end?

This unsigned essay asserts that polygamy actually was practiced in Nauvoo and Kirtland. 

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And this additional essay found on even tries to convince us that Joseph Smith married some thirty to forty wives and that many were already married to other men!  It even goes so far as to say that Joseph married some teenage girls.

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Nice try, anti-Mormon hackers!  I won't believe your anti-Mormon lies, even if you do post them on the official church web site!  I know from my 46 years of Mormon upbringing that it was really just a few desperate pioneers that practiced polygamy... "because all the men of the church had been killed off during the persecution and they needed someone to take care of the women".  That story must be true because it is was what I was taught all my life and it is what I and the other missionaries taught all those people while serving a mission for the church.