Thursday, November 5, 2015

City of "Moroni" Discovered on Island of "Comora"

Amazing!  Captain Kidd stories took place in and around the city of "Moroni" on Island of "Comora".  We know from Book of Mormon stories that "Moroni" and "Cumorah" are both prominent names in the Book of Mormon. Hey, wouldn't it be a funny coincidence if it turned out that Joseph Smith was a fan of Captain Kidd stories?  Well guess what?  It turns out that he was!

"Another Palmyra native, Philetus Spear, said that Joseph Smith as a boy 'had for a library a copy of the Arabian Nights, stories of Captain Kidd, and a few novels.'[v] According to James H. Kennedy, ... young Joseph’s own reading about the pirate had 'made a deep impression on him.'[vi] Palmyra resident Ann Eaton added that Kidd was 'his hero.'"
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"Comoros" sound so much like "Cumorah"

1808 map of Africa refers to these Islands as “Camora.”
In this 1649 map of the region the islands are called "Comoro"
1748 map of Anjouan/Johanna island showing "Meroni" in the "Comore" islands

Pretty cool, right!?!?

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